Eight Minecraft 1.2.3 Seeds

Eight Minecraft 1.2.3 Seeds

A few seeds I came up with for Minecraft Version 1.2.3.

Since I’m a big fan of Minecraft, I thought it might be cool to share some interesting Minecraft seeds that I’ve come across.

Jungle Fever
Spawns at the edge of a jungle biome, on a river, across from a swamp and next to a taiga. All in all, it’s a pretty diverse Seed. Where the crosshairs are in the picture above is aproximately where you start.

Spawns you in the middle of a jungle, in the extreme hills, with a river running through it. If you can get to it, I found eight chunks of Diamond at x:-69 y:14 Z:310

Spawns you in a Swamp biome, surrounded by ocean. but near by are some odd cliff and mountain formations

Spawns you in a pool of water, near by is an oddly formed hill. By that is a cave system that immediately leads to an abandoned mine shaft with a treasure. it contains some iron

Spawns you under a tree, which is pretty uninteresting. But if you travel to x:-231 y:80 y158 (extreme hill area) you’ll be at a very small cave that immediately opens up to a dungeon with a spider monster spawner and 2 treasure boxes

Spawns you in a jungle biome, You’ll immediately see an open cave on the ground in front of you. It’s pretty extensive if you get into all the nooks.

Spawns you on a fairly large island in the ocean with a bunch of weeds, a bunch of trees, a couple of sugar canes, a cave system and exactly 1 tree. Great for a survival challenge

There’s a small town with a Blacksmith in a desert biome at x:54 Y:70 Z:566 The blacksmith chest has Iron Leggings and 6 blocks of obsidian (as well as some other unimportant stuff).

To tell you the truth, I was aiming for 25 Minecraft seeds, but I got lazy. If you have some good ones, feel free to share!

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Pauline, posted this comment on Jun 21st, 2012

Whooa the graphic is certainly amazing using those blocks.
I better try this one. Thanks for sharing about it!

Pauline from cheminée électrique encastrable 

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